Reread Fahrenheit 451 and decided that I needed to draw it :|



One year gone, but always with me…

“It’s a lot of funnels and a lot of water poured down the spout and out the bottom, and them telling us it’s wine when it’s not. They run us so ragged by the end of the day we can’t do anything but go to bed or head to a Fun Park to bully people around.”

Clarisse McClellan from Fahrenheit 451 on education. Surprisingly and profoundly accurate.




Fahrenheit 451 Book Cover With a Match and Striking Paper

This is just plain brilliant. Love the type too.

~Trent Gilliss, senior editor

An amazing cover for one of my favorite books.


I thought this was really cute…then I saw that it was David and it made my day!

(via literaryglamour)

So here’s the story

The past few weeks, my boyfriend and I have been occupying our not-so-lazy days of summer with a full fledged attack on every library fair, garage sale, and used book store within a 40 mile radius. We’ve both been in love with reading since just about birth, and now with our not-so-willing undertaking of our first entry level jobs, we have a newly discovered ability to buy way more books than we could ever read in just a summer. Beguiled by the cheap prices and the special allure that only used books can supply, we accidentally added about 200 books to our collection in just a few weeks (oops). So, now there is the overwhelming but unbelievably exciting challenge of reading all of those books. This is where the blog comes in: an archive, map, and sketchpad for my journey through a simply ridiculous and beautiful pile of stories and ideas. I’m not sure what to expect yet, but who knows? This future jumbled collection of posts and reblogs stemming from a book-drunk college student may just bring something really interesting to the table. 

First up on my list is Fahrenheit 451. I’m psyched—as in stay-up-until-4am psyched— to start this project. Wish me luck!